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Trade License

Trade License is the first stair to start a business. Trade License should be collect from City Corporation or Union Parisad of your business area and it very easy process. 

For collection of Trade License you should pay stipulated fees. It should be renew every year. It issue when a person apply to respective City Corporation or Union Parisad office.

According to nature of the business for collecting Trade License following document should be submit with application:

  • Photograph of the applicants.
  • Copy of rental receipts
  • No objection statement on the nearby area (Industry)
  • Location Map of industry area, (Industry)
  • Fire certificate copy (Industry)
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (Limited Company)
  • Incorporation Certificate (Limited Company)
  • Health Ministry permission (Private Hospital / Clinic)
  • Deputy Commissioner (DC) permission (Residential Hotel & Printing Press)
  • Manpower Export Bureau License (Recruitment Agency)
  • Arms License copy (Arms and Ammunition)
  • Narcotics License copy (Drug and Narcotics)
  • Civil Aviation authority approval (Travailing Agency)

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