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Professional Chinese  Business Interpreting/Buying Agent in Bangladesh..Bringing Sino-Bangla to the world...Chinese is one of the most complex languages on earth, and uses completely different grammatical and phonetic rules. We do it easy. Feel free to contact us below to see how we can work together or explore our site further.

We are a group of independent freelance interpreters who also work as business or tour guides, trade consultants, sourcing and purchasing agents, shopping assistants, QC inspectors, personal assistants etc. We are friends who help each others.

we are Mandarin-English Interpreters, Business Guides, Trade Consultants,  Sourcing and Purchasing agents, Product Quality Control Inspectors, and so on.

However, we are all different and have our own specialities, everyone has his/her own education and working experience background.  Some of us are extremely good in English as a second language,  Some of us are international trade experts, some of us are even engineers. Everyone is specialized in his/her industries, such as electronics, clothing, small commodities, jewelry and etc.

Why with us:

  • Quality Chinese Interpretation
  • Quality Translation
  • Lowest Price
  • Quick Service
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Services with Exparts
  • Service across Bangladesh & oversease


Confidentiality and Privacy of Translated Content
We take the confidentiality and privacy of our Clients very seriously. You can trust that any documents you send us for translation or localization will be kept in the utmost of confidence. If you need we can sign any necessary non-disclosure agreements

Call us now on : 01700630200    Contact us at:  Email: eshahadat@gmail.com     Skype: freelance.interpreter

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