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Professional Chinese  Business Interpreting/Buying Agent in Bangladesh....I am an English to Chinese Interpreter and Translator having a team of members with worldwide experience. Feel free to contact us below to see how we can work together or explore our site further.
Corporate Client Names Company Based on


Odoricus Enterprise Taiwan Based Company 01.01.2013 to 14.01.2013
DONGGUAN WUZHOU LASER SCIEN-TECH CO., China Based Company 01-02-2013 to 10-02-2013
Ribbon & Bow Hong Kong based Company 22-03-2013 to 16-04-2013
Tamai Knit Fashion Ltd Spanish company 08-05-2013
JunBangLeather Co.,Ltd Zhejiang of China 07.11.2013 to 08.11.2013
Blue Collar S.R.L Chinese Company in Italy 08-07-2013-13.07.2013
Nonwoven Products Limited Hemayetpur, Saver  
Wenzhou Zhuding Machine Co., Ltd   31.08.2013 to 11.09.2013
Cityscape International Limited Real Estate Company 12.09.2013 to 09.03.2014
Citizen Group Asad 8-12 Oct,2013
Nitol Motors Dhaka 12.04.2014 to 13.04.2014
Urmi Group Wash & Dying Unit 16.04.2014 to 17.04.2014
MonoMedi Infusion set Machine Installation 20.04.2014
Orion International Holdings Limited Through Bangle Tours  
Maa Socks AEPZ 04-05-2014 to 11-05-2014
Ke Jun Socks machinery China Based Company  
Bangladesh Edible Oil Limited   11-05-2014 to 05-06-2014
Xi Jie Injection Molding Machinery China Based Company 20.06.2014 to 30.06.2014
Hassan & Brothers Waterpump Installation 06.06.2014 to 29.06.2014

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