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Professional Chinese  Business Interpreting/Buying Agent in Bangladesh....I am an English to Chinese Interpreter and Translator having a team of members with worldwide experience. Feel free to contact us below to see how we can work together or explore our site further.


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Translation / Localization IT / Computers


Medical / Pharmaceutical Health care


Marketing / Advertising Manufacturing


Games / Entertainment Travel / Tourism


At Language Scientific, we provide comprehensive and customized language solutions to enable precise global communication for your industry-specific needs. Our one-stop solutions are cost effective, swift and flexible. We focus on understanding your requirements and providing on-time, top quality services that you can rely on.

Our expertise spans across multiple industries (click on the links for more industry-specific information):

  • Aerospace and Defense

  • Consumer Electronics
    • Oil and Gas

    • Renewable Energy

  • Engineering
    • Architectural and Engineering

  • Industrial Manufacturing
    • Automotive

    • Chemicals

    • Electronic Engineering

  • Information Technology

  • Life Sciences
    • Clinical Research

    • Healthcare

    • Medical Devices

    • Pharmaceuticals

    • Pharmacies


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