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Keywords: Chinese Interpreter: Dhaka interpreters, Chinese interpreters in Dhaka, Chinese translators. Professional Chinese, Business Interpreting, Business Guides & Consultants, Sourcing & Purchasing agents, Independent Inspectors, Buying Agent in Bangladesh....Need a local Chinese interpreter? Please Call + 88 (0) 194 9300 490

Chinese Interpreters Services - We provide the best chinese interpreters...Yout trust worthy business interpreter & buying agent in Bangladesh...

Language can be a barrier in a new country, but clarity is crucial in ensuring mutual understanding with your business partners or consumers. arranges qualified translators or interpreters to limit the chances of misunderstanding
Chinese Interpreters is being describing as a professional and principal business interpreter (English, Bengali & Mandarin Chinese) & factory visit guide in Bangladesh. Dhaka, Chittagong are famous trading center with much more efficient public transportation system in Bangladesh.There are many factory here. Dhaka International fairs, also called Bangladesh Import and Export Fair, is held once a year in January and other specific item faire in different time in a year here.

As an Experienced Business interpreter, sourcing agent in Dhaka. i speak Bengali, English and Mandarin, I know Bangladeshi factories very well such as garments & garments accessories, Leather, Leather Goods, Jute, Jute Goods, handcrafts, shoes and shoes factories, furniture, ceramics, etc. i could guide you to the factories for sourcing products with your price and high quality easily in very short time!!

If you are in town on business or on holiday, I am your solution to any communication difficulties. Also available for short trips to other cities.

As your professional business interpreter & sourcing assistant, know well the wholesale markets & manufacturer easily as follows:

● Handicrafts
● Furnitures (Indoor & out door)
● Ceramic products
● Garments & fashion
● Garments accessories
● Shoes & accessories
● Finished Leather, Crust Leather, Split Leather
● Jute & Jute Goods
I can:
● Pick you up at the Shahajalal international Airport, Dhaka when your first time to Bangladesh!
● Reserve hotels, hourse, apartment rental for you with surprising discount in Bangladesh!
● Could be your Bangladesh representative office, sourcing agent, purching agent here and help you with the Visa problem, start office , arrange shippment and work out customs documents and certificates such as packing list, commerical invoice, Certificate of Origin (Form A, Form E, Form B, Form P, Form F), Fumigation Certificate, Disinfection certificate and bill of Lading.
● Help your to verify your new manufactuers when you are not in Bangladesh.
● I will act as your own business interpreter, assistant, Consultant, a buying agent. not only help you overcome the language barrier, But also stand your side and do my best to protect your interests in business processing.

China business translator shenzhen interpreter Guangzhou businss guide
Posted on October 12, 2010 by guangzhouexportagent

Bangladesh business translator shenzhen interpreter Guangzhou businss guide

We are an experienced sourcing and services company headquartered in Hongkong with branch offices throughout Dhaka. We provide first-rate supply chain and production management solutions for companies who are already purchasing from China or are interested in moving production overseas for the first time. We also offer an array of practical services to support your China operations

Our mission is to connect you with China’s best suppliers so that you can rest assured that manufacturing on the Chinese side is handled professionally and competently.

Grow your business and maximize profits with us as your dedicated partner. Our services enable clients to reap the benefits of having sophisticated sourcing operations in China without the burden of heavy overhead costs.

We act as an extension of your own company – giving you peace of mind that your quality products will be delivered on time and in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

We offer a variety of comprehensive services, crucial to achieving success in today’s market:

•Product sourcing and product development
•Information gathering
•Factory visits and Quality Control services
•Shipping and Storage
•Business travel services
•Representative Office Services
•Worldwide Trade Show services

Our Company have warehouse in  Chittagong of Bangladesh.
We offer our export agency services as follows.
1.)Meet, Pick Up and Drop off at the Airport.  
2.)Help arrange & confirm any travel tickets and hotel accommodation required
1.)Bring to wholesale markets and provide transport to factories
2.)Translate and help with Negotiations between suppliers
3.)Write down Order/Contract with supplier.
4.)Negotiate credit and payment with supplier
5.)Take photos of samples when placing orders.
6.)Provide translated specific information to suppliers for product requirements.
7.)Arrange packaging and barcodes to be passed on to the suppliers.Sample 8.)collection &Confirm all orders on an EXCEL spreadsheet with Photos
1.)Go to the factory and check the quality of the products ordered: 
2.)Check that the goods are not faulty or damaged in any way.
3.)Check the function of the bag and make sure that when it is opened nothing gets damaged due to poor manufacturing process.
5.)Check Handles for faults
6.)Check to make sure that no inferior components or accessories have been used. (Make sure there are no scratches, no dents, no tears, no burns, no dirty marks or no writing on any of parts of the product)
7.)Make sure that the goods are packaged correctly with our labeling and also packaged properly for transport.
8.)Confirm quality with several randomly selected samples of each colour and design
9.)Take clear photos and send via email to your company. One of each colour and design.
these are to be packed into cartons ready to be shipped via express courier.
If there are problems,we will need to communicate and negotiate with suppliers to fix problems or change the design or cancel the item depending on the situation.;
1.)container Stuffing in our warehouse or factories
2.)Arrange for all completed goods/ container to be sent to the port ;
3.)Our company will consolidate all goods and provide all Export ;
Bill Of Lading
Commercial Invoice
Packing List
Packing declaration
Certificate of Origin
Fumigation Certificate (if required)
Handle and arrange any other Export Documents required.

Shahadat a freelancer business interpreter/Sourcing agent in China ,can provide the service as belows :

A),Reserve hotel & ticket / car renting/apartment renting
B),business interpreter/Assistant ,
C),Airport pick up & drop off service(in Guangzhou,Shenzhen and Hongkong)

D),Translator /interpreter ;English -Chinese /Cantonese/Mandrin
E),Wholesale markts Guide / tour guilde in Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Foshan and Hongkong.
F),Arrange shippment &work out the customs documents such as packing list,commerical invoice,Certificate of Origin (Form A,Form E, FORM B, FORM P,Form F), Fumigation Certificate, Disinfection certificate and bill of Lading.

G),Quality control services
H),Verify Manufacturer
I),Your office Representative .
J),Visit your suppliers or customers in China or other countries

As an Experienced business interpreter/sourcing agent in Guangzhou, fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, knows China product manufactures and wholesale markets very well such as garments&garments accessories, bags&bag accessories, shoes and shoes accessories, LED TV,Laptop,mobile,Mini Projector, MID,Camera and other electronics, furniture, ceramics, toys etc. I will act as your own business interpreter, assistant, Consultant, a buying agent. NOT ONLY help you overcome the language barrier, But ALSO stand your side and try my best to protect your interests in business processing.

If you are in town on business or on holiday, I am your solution to any communication difficulties! Also available for short trips to other cities.

I have rich experence abt internation trade , if you are interested in need of this service ,pls feel free to email me for more details . Cell:

For more information and more service, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Chinese Interpreters wish: Once you come to Bangladesh first time,surely you will come ten times!
Chinese Interpreters: I am not only want to be your professional business interpreter but also be your trustful business partner!


Chinese Interpreters team also offering interpreting service in Guanzhou, China. if you need someone to help you to rent an apartment or warehouse or factory, or if you need to find someone to decorate or repairs or renew your apartment, warehouse, factory,

pls dont hesitate to contact us. I have some network for this type of service. if you would like to source some products from shenzhen or even other cities, i'm ready to be the one to take good care of your business around China which makes your business much easier and more save.Doing product inspection before shipment, sourcing products, factory audit, quality control during mass production etc. Our team in China at your service **

Therefore, I am ready and looking forward to assisting friends from all over the world. Following were the past decade of works I’ve done.

2006 – 2011 Shenzhen Self employed, Trading.
Freelance Interpreter.
Electronics, Security products, Sanitary products, etc.
2011-2014 Bangladesh Marketing, Customer Service, Bookkeeping, Sourcing, Website Construction/ Advertising. Garments, Machine Installation
  Bangladesh Marketing, Interpreter, Sourcing, Event Organizing, Exhibition Set ups, etc  
  Bangladesh Administration, Conference arrangement, etc Local Government

Throughout my past working/life experience, I can certainly assist you on your Business Trip, as well as your Happy Holidays.

Language English — Mandarin – Bengali – Chow chew Dialect
Travel China – Hong Kong (multiple entry, 7 days stay)– Macao (visa required)– Oversea (visa required)
Transportation Arrange Airport Pick Up (Anywhere in Bangladesh), Car Rental,
Public Transportation Guide, Air Ticket Booking, etc.
Administration Trip Scheduling, Business Liaising, Reservation, Catering,
All Types of Tickets Booking, etc.
Marketing Factory/Company Visit, Exhibition/Fair Attendance/Set up, etc.
Outsourcing: Website Design/Ads, Printing, Packaging, Market Research.
Bookkeeping Budget, Expense Report, Invoice/Receipt Collecting.
Customer Support Follow Up Liaising, QC, Sample/Document Gathering,
Logistics Arrangement/Tracking,
Activity Day Tour, Special Cuisine recommendation, Shopping Guide,
Entertainment Guide, etc.

Chinese Phone Interpreter - Put an interpreter in your pocket
The service of a professional Chinese interpreter (Mandarin and Cantonese) is just a phone call away. We embrace modern technologies but nothing beats the traditional village-style personal warmth and readiness to assist that our interpreters bring to a call. Try our interpreters today!

Two Steps:

  1. Call + 88 (0) 194 9300 490 to book a session with a Chinese phone interpreter;
  2. The Chinese interpreters calls you at the designated time and number, and connects you to your client on a three way conference.

We also use SKYPE to save cost for our overseas clients.

Experience: The Chinese interpreters Chinese phone interpreters have experience in phone interpreting:

  • Translation & Interpreting Service
  • CentreLink Multilingual Service
  • Language Link

Business Consultant:

If you are new to Bangladesh , if you don’t know how to do business with the Bangladeshi, if you want to develop your product in Bangladesh, if you want to find your garments or any other business in Bangladesh,  if you want to have your items made in Bangladesh, you might need a local consultant to answer your questions and give your some guidance to avaid problems before proceeding.

Other Special Requirement
It seems quite common for you to book a hotel, issue a train or air ticket, rent a conference room, buy an international phone card, require a wheelchair or find a recommended bar in your home country. However, when you come to Bangladesh, they turn to be a little bit difficult because of the language barrier. To solve the problems like that, we invite you to contact us with your specific requirement. Our service is not only focusing on interpreting. It is also our pleasure to help you in more personalized details to make you traveling more comfortably like at your home country.


Please contact me personally if you would like information or a price quotation for document translation, on-site interpreting, or telephone interpreting.

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